Linde Logistics. Your European unrivaled logistics partner.


Linde Logistics is one of the fastest growing logistics provider – we support industry and trade in the global exchange of goods through land transport, worldwide air and ocean freight, contract logistics and supply chain management.

Integrated logistics resides at the world’s most important intersections, where the flow of goods creates an effective link between carriers. Our value-added services ensure the flow of goods continues seamlessly and supply chains stay lean and optimized for success. 

Our business holds top positions in automotive, paper & packaging, chemicals, metals, technology, consumer goods, trade fair logistics, special transports, and special events logistics.


Road Freight

Our Road Freight Products offer high quality road transportation, from standard services such as LTL (Less-than-Truck Load), full-truck load shipments to temperature controlled and highly secured transports.

Air Freight

Our Air Freight Products offer transportation of your cargo predominately via air mode. Working with carefully selected carriers, we operate with schedules on all the world’s major routes so you can plan with certainty and become more efficient. We offer a range of highly flexible products which allow a choice of delivery speeds to best suit your requirements.

Rail Freight

Our Rail Freight Products offer secure, reliable and environmentally friendly freight transportation via rail, either throughout Europe or connecting Europe and Asia, West- and Eastbound, LCL (Less-than-Container Load) or FCL (Full-Container Load).

Ocean Freight

Our Ocean Freight Products offer transportation of your cargo predominately via ocean mode. With our broad product range we cover different equipment types and consolidation services to ensure your cargo reaches the right place, at the right time in a cost-efficient way. In order to deliver highest reliability we have planned space protection from every major container port in the world.


Linde Logistics stands for quality, excellent products, highly efficient processes, and outstanding results. The success of our company is derived from the fact that we live common values and aspire to shared objectives. 

The company principles are intended to contribute towards clarifying these values and objectives and to make them an integral part of the company. They therefore, describe the nature and scale of our activities and the way we treat one another. They are binding at all times for everyone who works in the company.

Our principles

We are a family-owned company. The readiness to fully commit oneself to the company in good times as well as bad is something that applies in equal measure to everyone who works for it. We want to remain independent. Growth by our own efforts is decisive in this regard. Geographical proximity to our customers is essential. Still, a powerful headquarters is necessary. All our dealings are marked by fairness, moderation, and trust.

Our objectives

We want to satisfy our customers, employees, owners and society in equal measure. In each of our sectors of activity we are leaders on a world scale, in terms of both technology and organization. We strive to achieve continuous growth that is far above average for the sectors in which we are active. We aim for a return on sales that enables us to afford our high expenditure on research and development as well as investments made by our own efforts.

Our employees

The same high performance and quality expectations followed by the entire company are also placed on our employees. The safeguarding of jobs is a high priority for us, as is a fair system of remuneration. We promote our employees’ personal and professional competence. Creative freedom is just as important as a readiness to express, and criticism is seen as an opportunity. We treat each other with mutual respect and together see to the protection of the company’s intellectual and material property.

Our Responsibility to Society

As a company, we have a social responsibility. We commit to a liberal constitution, fair market economy, and free competition. We respect the laws and cultures of the countries in which we operate. At all of our sites, we support innovative approaches and projects that promote social development and serve the people. We promote equality and reject discrimination of any form. At the same time, we heed transparency, reliability, and openness in both inward and outward communication. After all, this creates trust. Last but not least, the protection of the environment and health is very close to our hearts. We therefore, consistently use the best technology in order to prevent any harmful effect resulting from our economic activity.

Contact us:

Linde Logistics Switzerland, Zählerweg 6, 6300 Zug, Switzerland

Linde Logistics Deutschland (DACH Region), Kurfürstenstraße 112, 10787 Berlin, Germany

Linde Logistics Poland (CEE Region), Stary Rynek 15-21, 85105  Bydgoszcz, Poland